Friday, February 3, 2012

Make The Most Of What Epoxy Floor Coatings Can Offer

The alternatives to epoxy flooring, whilst having their own merits, generally fail to meet the same high standards. Carpets, for example, may look good when they first go down, but tend not to handle wear and tear very well and are vulnerable to damage from heat, cold and substances such oil and acids. Tiles may me more hard-wearing than carpets, but the multiple joining points are vulnerable to splits and breakages and the fact that the surface of the floor isn't totally unbroken may cause problems underfoot. No matter what the manner of the business you're running, be it retail, service or manufacturing, there are a few basic factors which you'll be looking for in flooring and perhaps the most vital of these is being able to find one type of flooring which meets all of your varied needs. In any single workplace, there are bound to be areas which require different surface practicalities. Stairs, for example, will be much safer if they are fitted with non-slip surfaces, whilst the areas around heavy machinery will be chosen with resistance to heat and other working processes in mind.

Similarly, when choosing a surface for an area which will be frequented by members of the public, the foremost concern will probably be the appearance of the flooring, and the impression of your business which it creates. Despite these differing requirements, however, the flooring throughout your space will have to have certain basic requirements in common. Throughout, it will need to be hard-wearing, tough and durable and easy to keep clean and to repair.

Epoxy floor coatings have a degree of excellence which meets each and every one of these requirements. In terms of flexibility, they come in types capable of dealing with the whole spectrum of differing environments. Some workplaces, for example, may have cold storage areas, and thus require flooring capable of handling low temperatures, whilst others need to be heat-resistant or capable of dealing with spills and leakages from heavy machinery, which may contain oil, alkaline or other corrosive substances. Despite these differentiations, it will be vital for your corporate image that the flooring throughout is consistent in tone, colour and feel. Alongside this, it must also be extremely easy to clean and maintain. Not only will this result in flooring which maintains its' aesthetic appeal, but it will cut down on the time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance, as well as ensuring a much safer working environment.

Not only does flooring of this type answer all of the varied needs of a modern workplace, but it also does so whilst being as quick and simple to apply as the act of floor painting. What all of this means is that every part of your workplace can have flooring which looks attractive and meets all your varied requirements.

No matter what the nature of your business - be it retail, manufacturing or service - Epoxy floor coatings will ensure a safe, clean, flexible working environment. The visual appeal and simplicity of floor painting allied to the hard wearing durability offered by the most modern materials means that it is the ideal solution.

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