Monday, March 26, 2012

Do You Know The Various Methods Of Waterproofing?

If the health and safety of house and your family members are considered, then one can never ignore the importance of waterproofing. Water leaks, iron bacteria, radon, high level of humidity, mildew and mold are taken to be the signs that waterproofing is required. If such issues are ignored for a long time, they have a serious impact on the individuals' health and can even cause structural damage to your home. If you want to increase the worth of your house, it is high time that you get that waterproofed so that it is prevented from various water seepage issues.

If you use the best waterproofing products and hire the well experienced professionals for your project then you will see a considerable change in the living space of the basement. Some people opt for interior waterproofing whereas some go for exterior waterproofing. With the increasing demand of waterproofing by the homeowners, it is high time that one bids farewell to living with musty smells and get the problem solved immediately.

Different methods of waterproofing are employed when sorting the issue so that the best results can be obtained. Before initiating the project, the contractors send an examination team at the individual's disposal so that they can get an idea about the project. Once they have examined and have presented the estimates, an agreement is signed between the two parties before the project officially commences.

When it comes to interior basement waterproofing, it is usually achieved by using either French drain or installing sealed square next to the footing. Sometimes the sealed drain tile system is also employed along with the wall vapor barrier. The advantage of using this system is that it keeps the basement mold free over a long period of time.

There have been cases when the issues related to soil gases and mildew has been sorted out by employing the same technique. The drains are installed in such a manner that the water under the slab is pumped and is expelled outside. There are certain contractors that opt for pipe and stone waterproofing system to get rid from the problem of wet basement. Under this system, perforated tiles are used instead of the square ones. The function of this system is almost the same. Water can be easily directed to the sealed sump pit from where it is expelled outside.

The exterior water control can be broadly categorized into two main groups knows as water proofing and damp proofing. The process of damp proofing is fairly simple. The professionals simply spray the asphaltic layer in new homes that tend to enhance the permeation of bare concrete. Waterproofing is different from the former in a way that it can be performed not just only on the newly constructed homes but can be carried out on the old houses as well. To get this done, full excavation is required followed by the usage of polymer sealer that waterproofs the wall. Once the exterior waterproofing is carried out by the professionals, you will see that water will not be able to enter through the walls that used to result in leaky basements.


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