Monday, January 9, 2012

TuffTrak(R) Portable Roadway, the Ideal Heavy Duty Road Mat

What is TuffTrak®

TuffTrak® is an effective portable roadway system designed in the UK and manufactured in Europe. The heavy duty road mat is used by a wide range of industries all over the world and provides access for plant machinery and vehicles. The matting is easier than ever to put together, making it ideal for outdoor events and construction projects.

TuffTrak® is manufactured from high density polyethylene, meaning it can provide an effective roadway for vehicles of up to 150 tonnes. Mining and utility industries and military sites use TuffTrak®as workpads. The roadway is also used by a wide range of other companies, including construction, transmission, civil engineering and infrastructure maintenance projects.

By using TuffTrak®, your grounds will be fully protected against severe tracking, rutting and environmental damage. The raised traction surface has been designed to prevent all cars, trucks and machinery from slipping on uneven ground.

The portable roadway is created using a unique moulding process for a high level of integral strength. The strong design means that the road mat is not liable to theft and can be kept in wet areas for long periods of time without the risk of degradation - unlike other wooden mats, TuffTrak® will also not increase in weight when wet.

TuffTrak® is perfect for those working with power lines as it does not conduct electricity. The matting is also chemically inert, so it exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis and solvents.

TuffTrak® Features

Well established suppliers and manufacturers of ground reinforcement solutions offer a detailed brochure containing more information on
TuffTrak® matting. The matting's many unique features include:

• Compared to many other metal matting systems, TuffTrak® is surprisingly light in weight, so it is not liable to theft and is really easy to install.

• TuffTrak® is safe for the environment as it is recyclable and created with 100% recycled polyethylene.

• The solid, core design does not absorb water, so it to be used in all weather conditions.

• Full instructions on how to install TuffTrak® roadways are provided with every order. Quick fit bolts and connecting plates or straps make TuffTrak® one of the easiest heavy duty mats to install.

Other Heavy Duty Road Mats

EuroMat® can be used as a temporary access mat for vehicles and pedestrians. Like TuffTrak®, EuroMat® is easy to install with a fast fit connection system.

EuroMat® is perfect for outdoor evening events as it comes complete with reflective markings for safety in the dark. Cat's eye light systems can also be used to provide extra safety for vehicles.

GeoGrid® is a cellular paving system ideal for providing ground access, roadways and trackways. When filled with aggregate, soil or grass it offers a high quality, temporary parking area or pathway.

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